Dehidden unlocks your brand’s new revenue potential with an NFT OS for digital collectibles.
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Activate your web3 presence and unlock a new canvas of opportunity for your company or idea. Onboard your customers from right where they are, with a no-code tool built for Sales, Marketing and Degen teams to use together.
Supercharge your collectible program with a single place to integrate, manage and view insights. Create, engage, retain and build loyalty with your power users.
Launch experiences, draw value to your community and monetize a new surface of revenue. Using custom apps, make your collectibles  have Web2 levels of ease, with Web3 traits of ownership and provenance.

Composability that unlocks possibilities

The NFT OS helps you install apps & quests into the NFT contract. This allows you, your brand and your collectibles to go where no JPEG has gone.

Conditional Ownership

Make sure the right collector gets the perfect collectible with logic based ownership control. No-code switches for expiry, transferability and more!


Want more engagement from your customers while keeping them happy? Launch Bounties to kickstart growth loop of engage and earn.


A growing ecosystem of embeddable apps that make your collectible’s contract actually smart. Embed, Engage, and Enjoy!


Want only your power users to access that subscription? Or need a tiered community access? Make it possible through Dynamic Token Gates.

Loyalty 3.0

Make your Collectible more than a JPEG. Turn it into an evolving representation of customer loyalty. Empower users to unlock your brand’s true value

Powerfully Simple

It takes less than 80 seconds to go from an idea to your NFT drop.
Visually design your drops with mint templates
Embed functional applications into your contract
Engage and reward customers on the go
Unlock opportunities with other brands and communities
Build unparalleled customer relations with widgets
Connect your collectibles to real-life objects
Bring your collection alive in mobile friendly metaverses
Management System
Combine the reach of web2 with the powers of web3 in the CRM!
Why Dehidden?
simple for customers
You own what you launch
web2-web3 integrations
Developer Friendly Toolkits
Unlock new
brand revenue streams
Why Dehidden?
Delightfully simple for customers
Leverage unique insights to craft personalised experiences for your customers, and accelerate their journey to build meaningful connections.
You own what you launch
Take control of your drops with the highest level of provenance and ownership for your Collectibles, allowing limitless creation.
No-code web2-
web3 integrations
Automate your work by connecting Dehidden CRM with the tools you already use and platforms that your community exists on.
Developer Friendly Toolkits
Seamlessly integrate APIs and SDKs to enable your team to make use of the Dehidden NFT OS, right from where you are.
Unlock new brand revenue streams
Surface your growth opportunities with our expanding suite of customisable apps and create revenue streams through your collectibles.

Customer Stories

See how game-changing companies are making the most of every drop using Dehidden

“Dehidden has built a great product for brands looking to bridge the gap between customers and collectibles. Their Collectible Relationship Manager toolkit comes with an array of capabilities like NFT Tickets, Attendance NFTs, Phygitals, and NFT Mass minting. Dehidden has also worked with several Polygon partners and has successfully executed projects at scale.”

“Dehidden's suite of tools equip brands to run an amazing variety of activations. From seamlessly launching gasless NFT drops to thousands of users, to IRL linking of NFTs with Phygitals - there is immense potential to innovate for any brand using the Dehidden platform.

The Coinbase Wallet NFT activation that was powered by Dehidden on the engineering side was a huge success, a result of the product chops of their NFT OS platform. We managed to reach 1.2M+ mints and almost a quarter million new Coinbase Wallet users through the initiative. I'm sure Dehidden's NFT offerings will be a great fit for brands looking to power such Collectible based launches targeting customer activations”

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